The Future of Clean Energy is here!

The Windgate PowerStation


The Windgate PowerStation Energy Solution Is The Future of Clean Energy, for California, the United States and the Entire World.

The innovative Windgate PowerStation is smaller than a typical full-size SUV and boasts the capacity of powering any customer's electrical requirements while yielding a zero-carbon emissions footprint.  Whether you want to make your home or your business carbon neutral, Windgate Energy has the answer.



*Some retrictions apply.

Scaleable & Adaptable

Easily adaptable to your specific needs. The system is available in a variety of generations, capacities and configurations.


Fully integrated on or off-grid. Our team will walk you through all the tax and permitting benefits of going carbon neutral, step by step.


Your complete comercial energy solution

Through vertical integration Windgate Energy can power any size facility..., anywhere in the world.


  • 0.06MW
  • 0.5MW
  • 1.1MW



The Windgate PowerStation works on or off-grid!


Grid Tied?

We can save you at least 20% off of your power bill, right out the gate, with no money out of pocket. Contact Us for more info.



Savings and Security for Business.

With Windgate Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology you are able to secure huge savings and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint giving you peace of mind for your business and the World.

Lower Upfront Costs

  • More affordable than any other energy.
  • Simple installation keeps costs low.
  • Modular for a solution that is specific for your business.



The Future of Clean Energy is here!

The Windgate PowerStation is the Most Efficient Option on the energy market in terms of size vs. power output. It’s the size of SUV and is Capable of a 1.1MW Constant! 

Placed in Combinations, Windgate Energy Fuel Cells can Meet Any Energy Need Including Providing Clean Net 0 Emissions Fuel to Any Vehicle!