What does it need to run?

The Windgate PowerStation needs just a natural gas or propane source (for start up only) and clean water to make power after start up.

What is the max power output?

The 1.1MW Gen. is capable of putting out a 1MW constant, however, Windgate PowerStations are completely modular. - theoretically speaking, there is no max.

How much is it?

There is typically no money out of pocket if you presently pay a power bill or any State or Federal Taxation!  Call today to reserve yours now.

What if I’m not connected to the grid?

Then this is the perfect solution for your commercial energy needs. On or off-grid, net metered or not, talk with one of our energy specialists today for a free consultation and we’ll tailor a PowerStation to your business’ specific demands.

Are there any safety concerns?

Each PowerStation has to pass Windgate Energy inspection so our work is double checked and guaranteed for 10 years.

What maintenance is required?

All maintenance is covered by Windgate Energy for 10 years.

Does this help with my carbon tax?

It definitely does. Please call one of our representatives to learn more about the All Access Carpool Lane and Massive Tax Recovery Benefits behind going Carbon Neutral!